Live By The Creed
Live By The Creed

This is a blog for anything everything related to video games. If you want to see more of a particular game or franchise send me message an I will see what I can find. Feel free to ask me questions about problems you are having, things happening in the gaming world or anything at all related to gaming.

I play on PC and love the AC franchise. Send me an invite on Steam(link below).

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Hello guys,

I don’t know if I am going to keep this blog going. It never took off for what I wanted it to be and I don’t really enjoy it that much anymore. I reblog things here because I feel I should. I don’t know. Doesn’t really feel like people pay much attention to it. 

I don’t know if  I will I am just thinking about it. What do you guys think?


Get N or get out.

I started playing Mirrors Edge yesterday and was surprised how good it looks. Also that game is fun as hell. The story is fairly basic and not doing much but I’m only three levels in so it might pick up.

Any of you guys play/played it? Thoughts?

I know I’d do it all different if I had the chanceBut all I got are these roses to giveAnd they can’t help me make amends
↳ Skillet – Lucy